Mobile Game UI Design

Client : DeNAトラベル

Type : Freelance

Duration : 1 Month. 2015

Clients required revamp the UI look for this popular mobile card game FANTASICA. The original game was born in a famous japanese game and transfer to mobile.

Issues & Solution : The UI looks pretty old style and too many informations in the same level. Unfortunately because of the timing issue they cannot change basic wireframe, I had to revamp them by keeping the same frames.

I created a new interface with more fantasy style and stone as the basic place. Combine the strength and energy bars into the interface to shows less wording information on it.

The old look

I think the old version is too Chinese style of mobile card game, they like to put everything in the one page with all the numbers. and the color isn’t look like a fantasy game, is more like a Chinese style game. I want to make it more modern and put more game elements on the interface.

The characters are stay the same as 2D pixel style and the core of game development. but the background and all interface will be change. I was hoping that I can also make some game rules changes to catch player’s eyes.

New Interface

The challenge is that how to make so many functions and buttons in the same interface without too messy.I tried to make more UX changes in this game but unfortunately of time and money are very pressing, client couldn’t make any of development changes. however they were really like my idea and plan.

In the end I had to put everything in same page. so this is my result. I designed the new interface cooler and more fantasy style. made the blood and energy lines into interface. player won’t need to see too many lines and numbers in homepage. Also made main buttons as rounds shape like a crystal ball.


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